Solaris 505 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator

Solaris 505 Functional Specifications

  • $ 395.00 w/ One Year Warranty (Non OCI Unit)
  • $ 495.00 w/ One Year Warranty (OCI Unit - Oxygen Concentration Indicator)
  • $ 485.00 w/ Five Year Warranty (Non OCI Unit)
  • $ 585.00 w/ Five Year Warranty (OCI Unit - Oxygen Concentration Indicator)
The DeVilbiss Five Liter Concentrator (with or without OSD) is designed to be reliable, quiet, energy efficient and lightweight.

High Oxygen concentration levels over the whole flow range

Variable Flow rate up to 5 l/min

OSD Sensor for continuously monitoring Oxygen levels

Visual and audible alarms for low Oxygen levels, power failure, pressure drop and service required

Circuit breaker with reset function

The new rotary valve is designed for durable, quiet performance. Life testing shows exceptional reliability for 10 million cycles (over 5 years of average use @ 5,000 hrs/yr).

Introducing the DeVilbiss/GSE compressor: evaluated by accelerated life testing, shows exceptional projected life. Along with the Thomas Nexus compressor (both found on 515A models), we provide unsurpassed compressor reliability.

The 515A uses a simple, reliable, and predictable operating system which lowers the cost of ownership for the HME provider.

A fixed, recessed humidifier port is very convenient and helps prevent humidifier bottle and connection breakage.

The pressure compensated flow meter permits use of a long cannula while maintaining an accurate flow setting. The flow meter knob can also be locked for added patient safety.

Five Year Warranty
$ 485.00
$ 585.00 with OCI (Oxygen Concentration Indicator)
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23.75" high, 16" wide, 14" deep
58.4cm x 35.2cm x 30.5cm

51 pounds

115 VAC, 60Hz, 5 amps, 375 watts

Sound Level
49db Average

1lpm = 94 +/- 3%
2-4 lpm = 95 +/- 3%
5lpm = 93 +/- 3%

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