Reconditioned Sequal Eclipse 3 Oxygen Concentrator

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The 3rd Generation Eclipse has arrived!
The Eclipse 3, Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS) provides the most reliable continuous flow and pulse dose options in a 24/7 portable oxygen concentrator device. It is one device for both stationary and ambulatory oxygen needs. It also has been approved by FAA for use on most of the major airlines and can also be used on cruise ships, trains, buses, and any other modes of transportation (please check with your carrier).

- Small, lightweight and easy to use
- autoSAT Technology
- Rechargeable power cartridge and AC & DC supply
- Universal large-wheeled cart with easy battery replacement
- Revolutionary pulse dose delivery: Tailor fit to your specific oxygen needs
- Accessory options that support an active lifestyle
- FAA Approved – Allows you the freedom to go on extended trips and vacations.
Simple. Trusted. Proven.

Specifications for the Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

  • Alert / Alarm:

    Loss of power, Low Power Cartridge, Low Therapeutic Oxygen Output, Oxygen flow outside normal limits, No inspiration detected in, Pulse Dose Mode, Unit Malfunction

  • Back Up Alarm Power:

    9 Volt Battery

  • FAA Aproved:


  • Battery Charging:

    1.8 to 5.0 hrs, dependent upon the flow recharge time setting, to achieve 80% capacity from a fully discharged Power Cartridge

  • Battery Duration:

    2.0 hours at 2.0 LPM Continuous Flow
    1.3 hours at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow
    5.2 hours at 2.0 Pulse Dose setting,12bpm
    3.5 hours at 6.0 Pulse Dose setting,12bpm

  • Dimensions:

    12.3 in. (31.2 cm) x 19.3 in. (49 cm) x 7.1 in. (18 cm)

  • Features:

    The Eclipse 3 is a single solution, offering both continuous flow and pulse dosing options
    One machine for stationary, ambulatory and travel needs
    AC/DC and battery power options extend therapy time and patient travel
    FAA Approved for commercial airline travel
    Accessory options that support an active lifestyle
    autoSAT Technology
    Approved for Rx of 0.5 - 3.0 LPM continuous flow
    Pulse Dose volumes up to 96mL (in increments of 16mL) in addition three new pulse dose volumes of 128mL, 160mL and 192mL
    mL and LPM dose LCD Display
    Three available rise time options-Fast, Medium and Slow
    Adjustable Pulse Dose sensitivity settings
    New innovative Universal Cart design allows for easy access to battery
    New AC and DC adapters that are smaller in size yet more durable
    In Pulse Dose Mode, if an inspiratory effort is not detected, the device will deliver a continuous flow of oxygen; continually searching for a breath every 15 seconds.
    Easy-access service and maintenance information

  • Flow Control Settings:

    Continuous Flow: .5 to 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments)
    Pulse Dose: 16 - 96 (16 mL increments), 128mL, 160 mL, 192 mL

  • Noise Level:

    48 Decibels at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode, 40 Decibels at 3.0 Pulse Dose setting

  • Operating ranges, Intended for Use:

    Temperature: 50 to 104 F (10 to 40 C) at 82.4 F (28 C) dew point, non-condensing
    Altitude: 0 to 13,123 ft. (0 to 4000 meters)

  • Outlet Pressure:

    5.0 psi (34.5 kPa) nominal

  • Oxygen Concentration:

    90% (+/- 3%) @ sea level

  • Power:

    AC Operation: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    DC Input: 13.5-15 VDC, 10A
    Power Cartridge: Quantity (2) 97.5 W-Hr battery packs each containing
    7.92 grams of equivalent lithium content

  • Power Consumption:

    52 watts at 1.0 LPM continuous flow
    145 watts at 3.0 LPM continuous flow
    45 watts at 1.0 pulse dose setting
    95 watts at 6.0 pulse dose setting

  • Transportation:

    Keep dry, handle with care.

  • Trigger Sensitivity:

    Adjustable between -0.125 cm H2O to -0.40 cm H2O

  • Warranty:

    1 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor
    90 Day Warranty on Accessories

  • Weight:

    15 lbs. (6.8 kg), 18.4 lbs. (8.35 kg) with battery

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