SoClean Sanitizer Kit & Accessories

SoClean 2 is a revolutionary product in the world of CPAP cleaning and sanitizing! SoClean 2 is a "Set it and forget it" type of product. After an initial set up process, all you have to do is insert your cpap mask into the SoClean 2 chamber, turn the power on, and that is it! Once the SoClean light turns green in a few minutes, you know that the cleaning process is complete! Using Ozone with a 99.9% cleaning efficiency, you know that your entire CPAP mask, hose, and even CPAP machine and humidifier chamber (if equipped) will be fully sterilized every morning. This will just about eliminate the possibility for germs to mitigate in your cpap system. At this time, Medicare or any health insurance companies will not pay for SoClean 2 or any replacement supplies.