Oxygen Concentrator Compressor Rebuilds

Compressor Rebuilds $84.95
All remanufactured O2 concentrator compressors carry our exclusive 5 year warranty! OxygenPlus completely rebuilds Thomas and Gast single and double wobble Compressor models 0675, 2607, 2617, 2618, 2619, 622Ce50, 2126, 2650, 2660 and 2669.

Compressor Rebuilds

Keep your oxygen concentrators running reliably while saving money and technicians time by sending your compressors to OxygenPlus Medical for remanufacture. Our Service Technicians will restore your compressor to proper operating specifications according to the following:

  • All Gaskets, O-Rings, Flapper Valves, Eccentric Bearings, Rotor Bearings, and Piston Cups are replaced.

  • Pressure, Leak and Flow tests are completed to ensure the compressor is operating smoothly.

Our stringent standards ensure a quality rebuild, and we stand by our work with a 5 year warranty on parts and labor. Not only can our compressor rebuild service keep your units running reliably, but we'll also help you get them back out in the field faster with a turn-around time of 5 business days.

We currently perform more than 1500 compressor rebuilds per month, so we're equipped to handle your order. We accept ALL compressor makes and models!

Listed below are just some of the manufacturers compressors that we service:

  • Airsep Newlife

  • Airsep Elite

  • Airsep Intensity

  • Airsep Onyx

  • Alliance

  • Devo 44-90

  • Devo MC-64

  • Devo MC-84

  • Devilbiss / Sunrise Medical 303

  • Devilbiss / Sunrise Medical 505

  • Devilbiss / Sunrise Medical 515

  • Invacare

  • Invacare Platinum 5 LPM

  • Invacare Platinum 10 LPM

  • H-300

  • Millenium

  • Millenium 5

  • Millenium 10

  • Mobilaire 3

  • Mobilaire 5

  • Mobilaire 5LX

  • PB-492

  • PB-492a

  • PB-590

  • Aries

  • Sequal Integra 5,7,10 LPM

Note: Stators, Pistons, Housings, Broken or Cracked parts are Extra

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