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The EasyLife CPAP Mask with AutoSeal creates a secure, robust seal while greatly reducing the need for manual adjustments. EasyLife's dual-cushion includes two distinct elements -- an inner cushion that creates an instant, self-adjusting seal; and an outer cushion that provides comfortable support on the face and forehead while eliminating contact at the nasal bridge.

The EasyLife Nasal CPAP & BiPAP Mask introduces Philips Respironics patented AutoSeal technology engineered to create a secure seal while nearly eliminating the need for manual adjustments. EasyLife's soft inner cushion readily adapts to facial contours creating an instant, self-adjusting nasal seal. The outer cushion rests lightly on the face providing comfortable support -- without pinching or pressure points -- and eliminating the need for tight headgear straps and cumbersome forehead adjustment mechanisms.

EasyLife comes with Lycra® based headgear that is breatheable, lightweight and adjustable. The wide-band strap design helps eliminate overtightening, pinching and strap marks for a comfortable, robust fit without the strain.