Can You Use Oxygen Concentrators Without Water?

by Justin LaClair June 16, 2023 1 min read

Yes, oxygen concentrators can be used without water. Oxygen concentrators are designed to extract oxygen from the surrounding air and deliver it to the user. They do not require water for their operation.

The main components of an oxygen concentrator are a compressor, sieve beds, and filters. The compressor draws in air from the surrounding environment, and the sieve beds separate and concentrate the oxygen while removing nitrogen and other gases. The filtered oxygen is then delivered to the user through a tubing system.

Water is not involved in the oxygen concentration process or in the delivery of oxygen. The concentrator functions by using pressure swing adsorption or membrane separation technology, which does not require water as a component.

However, it's important to note that some oxygen concentrator models may incorporate a humidification feature. This feature allows for the addition of moisture to the delivered oxygen to help prevent drying of the nasal passages and improve comfort. In such cases, a separate water chamber or humidifier attachment may be used to add moisture, but it is not necessary for the basic functioning of the oxygen concentrator. Some Oxygen Concentrators could be purchased with an internal humidifier called Humidiflo, but in our experience it proves to be an unreliable system. Stick to the regular external Humidifier Bottles as they are reliable, and cheap to purchase.

Justin LaClair
Justin LaClair

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