Warranty Information


All new units have a factory warranty. All repairs are done by the manufacturer in the most timely fashion. OxygenPlus Concentrators Inc. will alert you of any repair updates if possible.

All refurbished units (unless factory refurbished) are repaired by OxygenPlus Concentrators Inc. Repairs take typically less than 1 week after arrival to our facility.

Used replacement electrical items (ie: circuit boards, power cords, cooling fans, etc) carry no warranty expressed or implied.

If a unit fails within the first 30 days after receipt, OxygenPlus will pay for repairs and shipping both ways. After the initial 30 days, shipping charges for warranty service or repairs will be shared between the customer and Oxygenplus. It is the customers responsibility to arrange and pay for shipment to our facility. OxygenPlus will cover return shipping charges to your location.

However, if faulty warranty claims are made, return shipping charges will need to be paid by customer before unit is returned. If any items arrive damaged upon initial shipment we will be responsible for return shipping to our location for exchange.

Regardless if you buy a new or reconditioned home or portable Oxygen Concentrator, it is always a good idea to save your shipping box. It will be the safest way to pack your machine, if it ever needed to be shipped anywhere.