New Home Oxygen Concentrators

Are you in the market for an Oxygen Concentrator? How about a quality new machine? You would be getting the latest and greatest in Oxygen Concentrator technology. You would also be getting the smallest and lightest Oxygen Concentrators on the market today! New oxygen concentrators are among the smallest, lightest, and quietest machines available. They start around thirty one pounds and can be as much as around 43 pounds. Compared to the "older generation" of oxygen concentrators that weighed about sixty pounds, these new machines really are a "breath of fresh air"! Maintenance is just like any other oxygen concentrator. There are air filters in every machine that need to be replaced every ten to twelve months. We sell the replacement filters for about fifteen dollars per filter kit. New machines have a nasal cannula included. You will also receive a copy of the owners manual.  Humidified bottles are a popular accessory but are not included with a new machine. They are available for a small extra cost. All new Oxygen Concentrators are special order direct from the manufacturer. Since they are special order, we do not take returns on them, as outlined in our return policy. Once ordered with OxygenPlus, the lead time is five to seven days before we ship the item to you. Once we ship the item to you, it will take 1-5 days to be delivered with FedEx Ground, depending on where you live. New machines come with a standard one year warranty, but many do have the option to extend the warranty to three or five years for an added cost. Make sure you ask your sales representative about this at the time of purchase, since it cannot be added at a later date. Call us today to discuss which machine may best suit your needs, and we can get your new unit on the way! Don't forget we now offer financing with Affirm!