Do Pawn Shops Buy Oxygen Concentrators?

by Justin LaClair June 16, 2023 1 min read

Do you have an extra Oxygen Concentrator for sale? Maybe a loved one has passed away and you no longer need their equipment? One frequent question that many ask is if a local Pawn Shop will buy your equipment.

Whether or not pawn shops buy oxygen concentrators can vary depending on the policies and preferences of individual pawn shops. Some pawn shops may accept and purchase oxygen concentrators, while others may not.

Pawn shops typically buy a wide range of items, including electronics, jewelry, tools, firearms and other valuable goods. However, the specific items they accept for purchase can vary based on demand, local regulations, and the shop's own buying criteria.

If you have an oxygen concentrator that you are considering selling to a pawn shop, it's best to directly contact local pawn shops in your area and inquire about their policies. You can ask if they are interested in buying an oxygen concentrator and if they have any specific requirements or conditions for accepting it.

Additionally, you may want to consider other options for selling your oxygen concentrator, such as medical equipment resellers. These avenues may provide more specialized platforms for selling medical equipment like oxygen concentrators. Since you need a prescription from a purchaser to be able to legally sell an Oxygen Concentrator, selling your machine to a business reseller that handles the necessary paperwork will probably be the least hassle.

Justin LaClair
Justin LaClair

Justin has been working with OxygenPlus since their storefront start in 1993. In 2002 he earned the title of CEO and has been operating OxygenPlus ever since. Most of the time if you call, Justin will answer the phone. He tries to be extremely hands on with most every transaction that takes place. Raised with a very high quality standard, any work must meet his satisfaction before it is approved. He is a classic car enthusiast, loves traveling either for work or pleasure, and is a renewable energy advocate. As of 2015, he saw to it that his personal home, and OxygenPlus Medical run 100% off of solar power.

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