How Many Watts Do Oxygen Concentrators use?

by Justin LaClair February 13, 2023 1 min read

The wattage a stationary oxygen concentrator will use depends on its size, and the setting it's on. Older oxygen concentrators (55 or so pounds) can average between 400 and 600 watts. While newer Oxygen Concentrators (32 pounds to 45 pounds) may use "Turn Down Technology" which will slow the speed of the internal compressor, thus saving energy consumption as well as prolonging it's life.

How much will the electricity cost to run your Oxygen Concentrator?

Look at the label of your oxygen concentrator, you will see its electricity use expressed in volts and amps.

  • Step 1: multiply the values of volts and amps
  • Step 2: multiply the result obtained in step 1 by 0.001 to obtain the kilowatt hours value
  • Step 3: calculate your annual usage of the oxygen concentrator; for instance, for 10 hours per day, multiply 10 x 365
  • Step 4: multiply the result from step 2 with the result obtained in step 3

The final result is the oxygen concentrator power usage in a year, as per your daily usage time.

Next, you will have to identify cost per kilowatt your electric company charges in your electricity bill. Multiply this amount with the result you got in step 4 and you will know how much you will pay for electricity in one year just for the energy used by the oxygen concentrator.

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Justin LaClair
Justin LaClair

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