Is it Safe and Legal to sell an Oxygen Concentrator?

by Justin LaClair July 24, 2020 3 min read

Safe or Legal to Sell Oxygen Concentrator

Is it Safe and Legal to sell an Oxygen Concentrator?

So, you have been using your Oxygen Concentrator for awhile now, and your Doctor says you need more than what your current machine can offer. What do you do now?

Or maybe your current machine has finally stopped working after many years of dutiful service. What do you do now?

Many people will try what they are familiar with. They may try to list their machine for sale on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, or maybe even Amazon or eBay. This may work for a few days, but the listings will ultimately be removed. Why?! Well, believe it or not, high purity Oxygen is considered a prescription drug. This means you can not legally sell it to another individual without proper documentation. This is why all machines posted for sale on the aforementioned websites are ultimately removed, sometimes without an explanation, leaving the seller confused and irritated!

Buying another Oxygen Concentrator is a big, possibly unexpected purchase. It is also an investment in your quality of life, a very worthwhile investment! But how do you finance it? Aside from the financing that OxygenPlus offers through our partner Affirm, many people choose a different route. Many people choose to sell their current Oxygen Concentrator to help offset the cost of the new machine they need.

OxygenPlus is always purchasing Oxygen Concentrators regardless if they are a home or portable based machine.


Selling your concentrator to a company like OxygenPlus is easy! We will provide you a prepaid shipping label to send your machine to us, then we will mail you a check! All you have to do is package your equipment and drop it off at FedEx near you!

Remember that selling an Oxygen Concentrator to an individual requires proper documentation, but selling to a business like OxygenPlus does NOT require the hassle of special documentation. It is quick and easy!

On the other hand, many people will be pretty cautious purchasing a machine from an individual.

They Do Not Offer Highly Trained Oxygen Specialists

An oxygen concentrator is an expensive medical device, and you really want it to work as intended. We find many customers think they want or need one machine and realize it is not the ideal fit for their oxygen and lifestyle needs. An authorized dealer will help make sure you are getting a unit that will meet your needs as well as have a return/exchange program.

They Do Not Offer Factory Trained Inspections

It is not possible to determine if an oxygen concentrator is functioning correctly without specialized equipment. A unit can “appear” to be running and not delivering medical grade oxygen. In many areas, it is difficult to even find a business with the appropriate equipment to measure oxygen purity. It would be unfortunate to purchase an expensive concentrator and not have it delivering medical grade oxygen.

They May Not Clean and Sanitize the Unit

Properly Given the current world situation with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, this is more important than ever! When purchasing a used unit, you want to make sure the unit is cleaned and sanitary. Some bacteria can remain active for relatively long periods of time. Purchasing from an authorized reseller insures the unit has been appropriated clean and disinfected.

They Can Not Offer a Warranty

Oxygen concentrators are complicated medical devices and as such do require repair and maintenance. Purchasing a unit second hand from third party will invalidate any warranty. Repairing a unit out of warranty is often $800 – $1500. All warranty repair work must be done through the authorized retailer that sells the unit and there is no support from manufacturers for repairing broken units from unauthorized sellers.

They Do Not Offer Customer Support

Research shows over 70% of customers have questions or need additional help over the time they are using the product. Peace of mind knowing there is help available should questions arise is beneficial in the operation of medical equipment.

It is always best to deal with a business that employs factory trained technicians with over 30 years of hands on experience. OxygenPlus is your number 1 choice for any time you wish to buy, or sell, your Oxygen Concentrator!

Sell Your Oxygen Concentrator Now

Justin LaClair
Justin LaClair

Justin has been working with OxygenPlus since their storefront start in 1993. In 2002 he earned the title of CEO and has been operating OxygenPlus ever since. Most of the time if you call, Justin will answer the phone. He tries to be extremely hands on with most every transaction that takes place. Raised with a very high quality standard, any work must meet his satisfaction before it is approved. He is a classic car enthusiast, loves traveling either for work or pleasure, and is a renewable energy advocate. As of 2015, he saw to it that his personal home, and OxygenPlus Medical run 100% off of solar power.

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