Oxygen Concentrators and Aquaculture Fish Farming

by Justin LaClair April 18, 2022 3 min read

Oxygen Concentrators and Aquaculture Fish

Farming Fish Farming and Aquaculture is a very rapidly expanding industry. With the fish industry seeing increased demand in their supplies in developing countries, every effort is being taken to increase production, with an emphasis on cost, reliability, and sustainability.

A high oxygen level is important for fish production. Tropical fish growers, wholesalers, and retailers turn to “on location” oxygen generation as a means to improve customer satisfaction. Standard Oxygen Generators help maintain the level of dissolved oxygen within the water and reduce the incidence of disease and mortality.

Oxygen aids in increasing the productivity of the fish and improves their overall health. Having a sufficient level of oxygen in the water benefits the growth of fish and reduces the amount of bacteria.

Aquaculture is one of the most fastest growing food producing industries of the world. There has been a rise of fish farming in developing countries in order to provide healthy and nutritious food to the population. Aquaculture not only improves food availability in these regions, but also alleviates poverty.

We are glad to help in all aspects. Here is how:

Fish Farming is done in controlled environments where employees can very closely monitor all aspects of the growing environment at all times. One key aspect is obviously the oxygen content in the water. Since fish breathe oxygen through the water they swim in, it is imperative that the oxygen content in their tanks is as high as possible.

Not only does this help the fish grow healthier, but also massively increases fish production volume at a minimal increase in cost. Plus the mortality rate drops significantly. With a relatively low purchase cost for the Oxygen Concentrator, and a very low maintenance cost, it makes perfect sense to add high purity oxygen concentrators to your Fish Farming application.

Government firms like the Virginia Department of Gaming and Inland Fisheries has successfully been using our professionally reconditioned Airsep Intensity 10LPM Oxygen Concentrator in their daily operations. They have about a dozen units operating around the clock, and are averaging about 2.5 years of constant operation (about 22,000 hours!) before needing the units reconditioned again. They will then be put right back in to service. With a high output pressure of 22PSI, this is a real workhorse of a machine that will be able to push all that oxygen through extended pieces of tubing if needed. An alternative machine with similar specifications would be the DeVilbiss 1025DS. Life expectancy on this particular unit would be about 10,000 hours of use.

Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators in Aquaculture

There are a number of benefits using Oxygen Concentrators in Aquaculture. They are listed below.

  • The oxygen concentrators are extremely helpful in maintaining an optimal level of dissolved oxygen in the water. It is extremely important for the survival and overall health of the fishes.
  • The levels of dissolved oxygen in the water is uniformly distributed throughout with the help of the oxygen concentrators, thereby making extremely beneficial for the healthy living of the fishes, ensuring higher yield.
  • The use of oxygen concentrators for fish farming plays a crucial role to increase the oxygen content in the water as compared to an ambient air fed aeration system. This in turn makes the oxygen concentrators extremely beneficial in fish farming.
  • When introducing high purity oxygen from an Oxygen Concentrator, it effectively increases the natural saturation limit in the water by a factor of four as compared to aeration with just ambient air. Therefore, the oxygen concentrator is quite useful, especially when the temperature of water is high in the summer season, and the capacity of holding dissolved of the water is low. In the winter season, the oxygen concentrators are quite helpful in prevention of formation of ice. The prevention of formation of ice makes sure that none of the fishes die because of extreme cold and ice.
  • Ultimately, the existing Oxygen Concentrator allows easy providing of feed gas for the purpose of disinfection. Also, due to their relatively low power consumption compared to massive on-site Oxygen Generation Systems, if necessary, you can run a standard Oxygen Concentrator on backup power generators during times of a power outage.
Justin LaClair
Justin LaClair

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