The Best Small Portable Oxygen Concentrators

by Justin LaClair April 09, 2019 4 min read

The Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Choosing a lightweight POC can be confusing! There are a lot of choices. While all machines will include the same items like Home and Car chargers, a carry case, and sometimes an accessory carry pouch, the machines themselves can differ. Some offer multiple LPM settings, and some offer only a single setting. Some can be carried on your shoulder, and some can be worn on a belt! Are looking for the most lightweight Portable Concentrators on the market today? Here are many reliable machines that are designed to deliver oxygen via Pulse Dose only, and weight five pounds or less!

Precision Medical EasyPulse 3

The Precision Medical EasyPulse is an extremely easy to use machine! With only 3 bottons on the face of the machine (1 button per LPM setting) you simply hit the LPM that you need, and the EasyPulse will do all the rest, delivering oxygen to you every time you inhale! This product comes with a 3 year warranty on the concentrator, and a 1 year warranty on the Sieve Beds, Battery, and Accessories. At a setting of 2LPM, the battery will last about 3.8 hours on a full charge. This POC has an option of a backpack, so you can go completely hands free!

Platinum Mobile

The Invacare Platinum Mobile is the latest POC offering from world renowned manufacturer Invacare. Weighing in at 5 pounds with 1 battery installed, this machine is able to deliver up to a very generous 4LPM on Pulse Dose mode. The batteries drop down into the machine from the top, which provides super easy installation and removal. The batteries weight in right at 1 pound each. This is the only unit advertised as water resistant! If you get caught in the rain walking in to your movie theater or maybe get caught on the golf course in a quick shower, that should not be a problem with the Platinum Mobile! It comes with  a warranty of 3 years concentrator, 2 years compressor, 1 year sieve beds and battery, 90 days accessories.

Caire Freestyle Comfort

With its ergonomic shape, the lightweight and affordable FreeStyle® Comfort rests against the natural curves of your body, making it comfortable to wear on the go. FAA approved for commercial air flights and equipped with user-replaceable batteries, this new oxygen therapy device allows you to extend your time away from home. And extended warranty options offer peace of mind. It’s time to expect more from your portable oxygen concentrator. Weighing in at 5 pounds with the standard battery, this unit delivers up to a whopping 5LPM on Pulse Dose setting!  Using the standard 8 cell battery you will get up to 4 hours of use at a setting of 2LPM. With the optional 16 cell double battery, your usage at 2LPM increases to almost 8 hours!

Airsep Focus

FocusThe Airsep Focus is the smallest and lightest POC on the market today. It is designed for users on the go! You can carry it on your shoulder, or even wear it on your belt! This machine is designed to deliver only 2LPM of Pulse Dose oxygen. The battery lasts about 1.5 hours each. New units have a 3 year warranty on the concentrator and a 1 year warranty on batteries and accessories.

SimplyGo Mini

The SimplyGo Mini is the latest POC from Philips Respironics! Weighing 5 pounds and producing up to 5LPM of Pulse Dose oxygen, this is a very powerful POC. It has a clear, vivid, easy to read LCD screen located on the top of the machine. All controls are touch sensitive on the easy to use screen. Battery life is abou 4 hours at a setting of 2LPM. Adding the extended double life battery adds only 1 pound to the weight of the machine. This POC has an option of a backpack, so you can go completely hands free!



The sad truth of the fact is, there’s no cure for emphysema. The sufferers of this condition are already living a lot better than they used to before using modern equipment.

The reason for which many people are living wonderful lives in spite of having such condition is all because of the advances in technology, and thanks to the smallest oxygen concentrators. Before, Emphysema patients need to stay in their homes in order to get the oxygen that they needed, or lug around large heavy Oxygen Tanks. This simply meant that it was a difficult thing for them to enjoy traveling, shopping, or even going out for dinner.

That is not the case anymore and it’s all because of the effectiveness of the small portable  oxygen concentrators. People who have such condition could get the oxygen that they needed wherever they go.

Thus, if you don’t want to let emphysema stop you from getting the best that life has to offer, and for you to enjoy life as well, you must learn more about what these smallest oxygen concentrators could do for you. Since the name of this item has already provided almost everything that you need to know, you may still think that its name is purely a marketing strategy.

Well, you should know that the size of this device is somehow a remarkable one. It actually weighs not more than 5 pounds, not to mention that it is also a compact one. The oxygen machine is not more than 10 inches high. Since it’s pretty much small and a lot easier to use, the FAA has already approved it to be used during flights. This only means that you use the oxygen concentrator during your trip, and of course, up to your destination.


Justin LaClair
Justin LaClair

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