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New Rhythm Healthcare 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator w/ Low Purity Sensor


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NEW Rhythm Healthcare 5LPM Light Weight Oxygen Concentrator

It is not very often that you see a GOOD quality new oxygen concentrator enter the market. Sure there are many fly by nights, and cheap imported machines that do not last. We do not feel that is the case with the Rhythm Healthcare machines! Having been out since about 2019, they are gaining traction in the Oxygen Concentrator market. We have studied these units carefully, as to make sure their quality was up to the OxygenPlus standard. Our vote is two thumbs up!! Having been partially engineered by some veteran Oxygen Concentrator Engineers, we are confident this machine is up to the task of 24-7 use if needed! 


  • Compact footprint with top handle for easy transportation and storage.
  • Reliable and safe. High efficiency. 
  • Easy-to-read digital hour meter display.
  • Safety Auto shutdown for power surges, high and low pressure, high temperature, and low oxygen concentration. Heat protection to ensure safety of the compressor and concentrator.
  • Unit comes standard with oxygen purity and low flow rate indicators.
  • Humidifier bottle and canula sold separately

    Low Purity Sensor

    OSD Oxygen Sensing Device (Low Purity Sensor) is a standard feature for the Lifestyle 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator. The built in OSD sensor ultrasonically measures the purity of output oxygen, to ensure that a safe oxygen level is always maintained while the Oxygen Concentrator is running. If the output of the Oxygen Concentrator drops below 82%, the green "normal" light will switch to a yellow "low o2" light will turn on. The Oxygen Concentrator will provide a visual and audible alarm to indicate that there is an unsafe condition. The user should contact OxygenPlus Customer Service to facilitate repairs or replacement of the machine.

    Features of the Rhythm 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator

    • Model LM5A
    • Lightweight and easy to transport and store at 35.5 lbs.
    • Compact, ergonomic design takes up less space and looks less like a medical device.
    • One of the quietest mainstream oxygen concentrators.
    • Uses less power and produces less heat, so concentrator is more patient friendly.
    • Durable Metal Cannula attachment - less likely to break
    •  OSD (oxygen sensing device) standard on ALL models!
    • 10 to 15% cooler around the compressor, due to improved air flow, means longer compressor life.
    • Pressure compensated, lockable Flow Meter ensures accuracy

    Specification of the Rhythm 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator

    Cleaning  of the Rhythm 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator

    Periodically, you will want to clean the exterior of your Oxygen Concentrator to keep it looking as well as it runs. It is important that you unplug the machine while cleaning it. Using a damp cloth, gently wipe the exterior of the machine. Using cleaning tools such as cotton swabs is perfectly okay, to clean the hard to reach areas. If using a medical disinfectant, make sure to follow all manufacturers instructions. Let the machine air dry before operation, as excess moisture may impair the proper operation of the device.


    How does an oxygen concentrator work?
    An Oxygen Concentrator is an electrical piece of equipment. You plug it in to the wall outlet of your home. Make sure it has at least 6 inches of room all around it to allow ample air flow. When you turn the machine on, it will bring in air from the room around it. First, the air passes through a couple of filters to clean the air before it enters the compressor. Once inside, the compressor will pump the air into a pair of Sieve Beds. Once the Sieve Beds are pressurized, the material inside called Zeolite will cling on to the Nitrogen, and pass on the Oxygen and other trace gasses to the patient. Every ten to twelve seconds, the internal Valves will switch the air from one Sieve Bed to the other. This produces a rhythmic "breathing" sound from your Oxygen Concentrator, and is normal. During the breathing of your Oxygen Concentrator, the Nitrogen that was in the Sieve Bed is released back in to the rooms atmosphere. Oxygen Concentrators are designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week if needed.

    What percentage of oxygen does an Oxygen Concentrator deliver?
    Oxygen Concentrators are designed to reliably deliver 90% oxygen +/- 3% at any flow rate. This purity has been tested to be clinically acceptable for long-term oxygen therapy.

    How often should I clean filters and other accessories?
    If equipped, the foam Cabinet Filter on your Oxygen Concentrator should be rinsed in your sink every week. Let it air dry before placing back in the Oxygen Concentrator. The bubble humidifier should be washed daily using a mild detergent and hot water. Tubing, Cannulas, etc are not to be cleaned. Simply dispose of and replace as needed.

    Can I purchase a Low Flow (Pediatric) meter for my Oxygen Concentrator?
    Most Oxygen Concentrators can be ordered with, or retrofit with a Pediatric Flor Meter. Please call for availability.

    What length of Oxygen Tubing can I use with my Oxygen Concentrator?
    The maximum recommendation is not to exceed a Bubble Humidifier, a 50 foot long extension hose, and a 7 foot long Nasal Cannula

    How can I transport an Oxygen Concentrator in the car?
    The optimum way to transport an Oxygen Concentrator is to buckle it in to the back seat, or place it on the rear floor of your vehicle. If necessary, you can safely lay it on it's back in the trunk if it is securely held in place.

    Can I use my Oxygen Concentrator overseas?
    The Oxygen Concentrators listed on this site are made specifically for US Voltage requirements, which is 110 Volts and 60Hz

    What is Turn Down technology?
    This Oxygen Concentrator incorporates Turn Down technology. The internal Circuit Board constantly monitors the flow rate and will slow down the compressor at lower Flow Rates. As a result the unit runs cooler and less power is consumed. In turn, you will have a lower power bill, and the Oxygen Concentrator should run longer.

    How can I tell if the oxygen purity is good?
    If equipped with a Low Purity Sensor, as long as the Green LED light is illuminated, you know that the Oxygen Concentrator is making at least 85% purity Oxygen. If for any reason the Purity falls below therapeutic levels, the Yellow LED light will illuminate. Contact your provider if you notice this.