Sieve Bed Repours

Sieve Bed Repours

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We know how important it is for homecare providers to contain costs while maintaining the highest standards for quality. That's why OxygenPlus offers you an alternative to simply discarding and replacing your old Sieve Beds that will save you money without sacrificing quality.

Why Pay More Than You Have To!?
Having your Sieve Beds repoured by OxygenPlus can allow you to save up to 40% over purchasing new beds. Each set of Sieve Beds are returned to like-new specifications by our experienced technicians and returned to you within 5 business days.

Our Sieve Bed Repours include:

  • All gaskets and filters are replaced

  • The canisters are refilled with NEW Zeolite material

  • The exterior of the canister is cleaned and any old labels are removed

  • The repoured sieve beds are pressure tested at 45 psi then monitored in use on a concentrator to ensure the highest oxygen purity.