Blanket Lifter - Promote Healing with adequate Rest

The Vive blanket lifter is perfect for those who wish to keep a blanket or comforter off of their legs or other body parts while they heal from surgery or injury. This tool is also ideal for those with neuropathy or other conditions that result in swelling or skin sensitivity, such as gout, or arthritis, or those with limited mobility who struggle to reposition blankets in the middle of the night. With an adjustable support bar, you can customize this blanket lifter tool to meet your needs and keep you warm without direct contact with certain areas of your body. Assembly is easy and allows you to attach this blanket support under your mattress or onto the floor for lower beds. Rest and heal with greater peace of mind with the Vive blanket lifter tool.


Promote Healing and Recovery with Adequate Rest

If you suffer from conditions such as neuropathy, arthritis, or general pain and sensitivity in your legs and feet, you may find blankets and comforters heavy and inconvenient. The Vive blanket lifter allows you to stay warm, while lifting blankets away from healing, injured, or sensitive parts of your legs and feet, so you can experience better rest and recovery.

Sturdy and Strong to Support Any Blanket or Comforter

With a strong and sturdy steel design, this blanket lifter can support heavy blankets, sheets, or comforters, so you can stay warm and comfortable while keeping your legs, feet, or other healing body parts free from friction and direct contact.

Adjustable Height for Greater Customization

Customize the height of this blanket lifter between 26” and 34” with easily-adjustable push buttons, and choose the height that best suits your individual needs.

Multipurpose Use for Any Bed Type

The universal design of the Vive blanket lifter allows this tool to be used with any bed type. Simply attach the blanket lifter below your mattress, or secure it to the floor for lower beds.

Easy Assembly for Immediate Use

Enjoy your blanket lifter immediately with the included step-by-step manual and a hassle-free assembly process, with all needed tools included with your purchase.


What’s Included: Clips for holding the blanket better

One Vive Blanket Lifter

Two Blanket Holding Clips

One Allen Wrench

User Manual

Color(s): black

Product Dimensions: 17" x 13.5"

Product Weight: 5lbs

Product Material(s): steel

Latex free: yes