Hydraulic Patient Hoyer Lift

Discover effortless and safe patient transfers with the Vive Hydraulic Patient Lift. Operated by a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, this innovative design eliminates the need for strenuous physical effort, allowing gentle lifting and lowering of the patient. Offering sturdy support for in-home transfers, it can accommodate up to 400 pounds, ensuring reliable and secure transfers between various settings. This comprehensive solution includes a lift sling, featuring an adjustable base, durable wheels, and an easy-to-use hydraulic pump for a seamless experience. Safety remains paramount, with a corrosion-resistant steel frame that guarantees stability during transfers.


  • Effortless Operation
    The Vive Hydraulic Patient Lift is easy to operate with a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. With an innovative design that replaces the need for expensive and bulky electronic lifts, this hydraulic lift eliminates the need for physical strength, allowing you to use the smooth hydraulic handle to gently lift the patient, and lower them relying on the patient’s own weight to help reduce strain on caregivers. 

  • Sturdy Support For At-Home Transfers
  • Elevate safety by using our home patient lift for secure transfers from wheelchairs, bedrooms, and baths. The Vive Hydraulic Patient lift features a robust design that can support up to 400 pounds, for greater peace of mind. 

  • Lift Sling Included
  • Experience a comprehensive transfer solution with our patient lift that also includes a lift sling. Premium safety features like an adjustable base, sturdy wheels, and a hydraulic pump requiring minimal effort ensure a holistic and seamless transfer aid solution. 

  • Premium Safety Features
  • This patient lift prioritizes safety, with durable wheels and an accompanying sling. Every feature is meticulously designed to ensure long-lasting reliability. The lightweight frame is easy to disassemble, for convenient transportation and easy assembly. The corrosion-resistant steel frame is built to remain steady during transfers, to prevent shaking. 


    • What’s Included: One Lift
    • Color(s): white
    • Size(s): n/a