Universal CPAP Mask Stand

AG Industries' CPAP Mask Stand uses two, adjustable arms and a wide base to balance the CPAP mask. Grasp the mask from the forehead support or the top of the cushion and place it onto the arms of the stand. The slope of the stand is designed to dangle the CPAP mask above the surface allowing it to shed water from the morning cleaning.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Multipurpose Functionality
  • Compact & Balanced Design
  • Wide Range of Compatibility

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the CPAP Mask Stand is quick and easy. No tools are needed to connect the lightweight arm and base. Four, small pins extend from the bottom of the mask stand arm. Insert the pins into the slots on the mask stand base, creating a seamless connection between the independent parts.

Multipurpose Functionality

Use the CPAP Mask Stand to store your mask for safe-keeping. The stand is compatible with nearly all CPAP masks and can be adjusted to lift nearly all masks from the surface.

While hanging loosely from the arm, the CPAP mask can safely air dry throughout the day. Dry and suspended above the surface, the CPAP mask should be ready for its next use.

Compact & Balanced Design

Small pins slide and expand into the slots on the CPAP Mask Stand base. The separate parts and unit as a whole are lightweight, but the weight differential is balanced by the strong bond maintained by the grooves.

Once assembled, the CPAP Mask Stand is less than 10 inches tall and weighs less than 4 ounces.

Wide Range of Compatibility

A mask with forehead support has the optimal design for the mask stand. Open the prongs to produce a small distance between the arms. Place the forehead support across the arms so the weight of the mask is distributed evenly.

A mask without a forehead support can rest comfortably by the edge of the mask cushion or by the headgear. Close the prongs to create a steady arm. Find the center of the mask cushion and gently place the cushion over the prongs. If you wear a nasal pillow mask, loop the headgear over the prongs to lift the mask from the surface.