CANNULA-FREE OXYGEN THERAPY FOR SIDE SLEEPERS—Innovative design reinvents nighttime supplemental oxygen therapy. The Oxyllow System addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals who prefer this sleeping position. This cannula-free sleeping solution prioritizes comfort and optimal oxygen delivery.

HOW IT WORKS—The Oxyllow System creates an untethered, hassle-free sleeping experience. The soft foam pillow blocks, attach securely to the pillowcase and connect to your stationary oxygen concentrator, creating an oxygen-rich pocket.As you lie comfortably on your side,you will breathe in the steady oxygen concentration flow set at your normal L/min level.

REST ASSURED—Feel confident that you are receiving the same oxygen concentration as you would with traditional nasal cannula. Ideal for 1-3L/minute oxygen users. It’s a safe way to improve sleep quality and get the comfort you desire.

CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL— Simple setup, lightweight and portable makes the Oxyllow System an ideal travel companion for individuals with asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions.

NO MORE DISCOMFORT—Get ready to get back to how you used to sleep… untethered and cannula-free. No more nose bleeds, skin cracking and nose/ear irritation. The Oxyllow System is the comfort solution that you are looking for. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep while receiving the oxygen therapy you need.